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Customer Data Analysis
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 19 Aug 2019

E) Customer

The Customer Report show the Active Customer whose has been assigned to the sales person. Customer with No account code label means there is no sales order or invoice has been sent to the customer previously, thus, there is no account code assigned to the customer. While customer with Has account code label means actual customer which they already made at least one transaction with the company.

No Telemarketing means there is no call made to the customer within the selected date range, while No Sales Activity means there is no sales activity for that customer within the selected date range.

This report show the total number of the New Customer entered to the system. It is also show the total number of Category Changes made to the customer, to make sure the  sales person to actively update the customer.

Channel Coverage is to display the activity based on customer category, source and all extra fields. This is to find out the sales person focus when doing the sales.

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