Work Culture
System Concept
Posted by i3Teamworks Team on 26 Jan 2018

In any companies, each staff in your Workforces receives instruction for them to perform certain Daily task. Some of these comes in the forms of verbal instruction, both from colleagues as well as from the immediate superior.

Also, Staff role is to ensure the performance of certain task, for which they are accountable for.

Task Management System (TMS) is designed to have an open transparent system, where TASK can be created, assign to anyone or self in an organisation. Some time, the task can also be assigned to other company staff in the same group. With Start Time and End Time stated, detail are communicated. 

  • The task can be cc to ensure that other colleagues, comments or updates can be entered anytime.
  • The task can also be linked to KPI, as well as to Project Milestone
  • Using this TMS, status of Task associated with Project & Milestone can be tracked and monitor its progress and status.
  • Upon completion of these tasks, Status can be update to completion.
  • All task will have to be verify by the creator of the task, Head of department (HOD) or the immediate superior.

Task Management System (TMS) has one aim in mind:

  • To categorize and manage Tasks that are to be accomplished.
  • Easy and flexible creation and updating of tasks by anyone in an organization.
  • Comments can be seamlessly added, and the Tasks created can also be shared to multiple people, so that everyone is kept in the loop.
  • Color codes for differentiation of tasks’ statuses.
  • Calendar or listing views for users’ convenience.